Shanduka Group

The Shanduka Group is a leading African black owned and managed investment holding company established in November 2000. The Shanduka investment portfolio comprises Resources, Financial Services, Property, Energy, Beverages and Industrial & General.

Sector: Various

Original Investments: March 2006

Mvelaphanda Group

Mvelaphanda Group, listed on the JSE, is a 53% black-owned and managed diversified company, which has interests in a range of companies in the financial services, property, healthcare and general industrial sectors.

Sector: Financial Services

Original Investments: November 2005

Midas Group

Midas sells branded, guaranteed, quality parts at competitive prices to its nationwide preferred customer base through a national distribution channel. These products are distributed to more than 300 franchisees and other independent spares shops, workshops, fleets, chain stores and engineering shops.

Sector: Automotive

Original Investments: July 2008


Metropolitan, which was listed on the JSE before merging with Momentum to form MMI Holdings Limited, provides financial services to the middle to lower income market. The Metropolitan Group comprised four independent operating businesses, each with clearly defined areas of focus, performance and profit objectives: retail, corporate, health and international.

Sector: Financial Services

Original Investments: May 2005

Life Healthcare

Life Healthcare is one of the largest private hospital operations outside the United States. Life Healthcare’s business is acute hospital care and comprises one of the most geographic spreads of acute care hospitals and same-day-surgical centres in South Africa. Life Healthcare was re-listed on the JSE in August 2010 via an unbundling from Brimstone and Mvelaphanda.

Sector: Healthcare

Original Investments: October 2005

Gold Reef City Casino

Gold Reef, which subsequently merged with Tsogo Sun, is a gaming and entertainment company. Its interests include Gold Reef City Casino and Theme De Park, Goldfields Casino and SilverStar Casino.

Sector: Gaming

Original Investments: June 2007

Gold Fields

Gold Fields is one of the world’s largest unhedged producers of gold, providing investors with maximum leverage to the gold price. The company was formed in 1998 with the amalgamation of the gold assets of Gold Fields of South Africa Limited and Gencor Limited.

Sector: Mining

Original Investments: May 2005


Fuel is a logistics services group whose core businesses are centred on the provision of customised solutions integrating e-commerce and IT with a logistics infrastructure. Fuel is principally engaged in the distribution of a wide range of commercial goods, including clothing, high-value items, pharmaceuticals, spare parts, electronics, etc. In addition, Fuel also provides related warehousing and other logistical services.

Sector: Transport and Logistics

Original Investments: June 2007